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Does the man on the upper left logo with his arms extended remind you of Freedom. It certainly does me, or at least the theory of Freedom that I was taught in government schools.

I will be helping local Libertarian Candidates, such as:

Kevin Craig 7th district Congress

Bill Boone for State Representative 137

Ben Brixey for Presiding Commissioner

Arthur Hodge for Circuit Clerk

November 6, 2012:

I'm really proud of the support received this campaign, I'm glad all of our Libertarian Candidates numbers improved which means people are finally understanding and giving up on the two party fiasco. I still believe once we reach a "tipping point" and people quit waiting for the perfect party or for everyone else to "get it" we will regain our country one county at a time. However apparently it will be a little slower than I would prefer. I only hope we get a chance to vote for REAL change instead of forced to revolt for change. Once again in remembrence of Election day; I'll be buying more ammunition tomorrow, just in case...

Will our Commissioners ever get enough money?

Our Associate Commissioners have started lobbying our State Reps. to over-turn the veto Mr. Nixon placed on the "use tax" (Finally I can say Mr. Nixon did something right). However now our esteemed Commissioners want to redo an unauthorized tax in order to send out over 100,000 MO taxpayers an unjustified bill for a tax deemed inappropriate by the Missouri Supreme Court. I'm shaking my head in disbelief...


I am very consistant in all election decisions. I ALWAYS vote towards FREEDOM. I will NEVER vote for a candidate that doesn't represent the views of LIBERTY. As my friend Michael Badnarik says: "The answer is Liberty; what is the question?"

I must admit I have been very disappointed in the turnout at our last elections where "we" overwhelmingly accepted another tax. Every Tax is an attack on freedom.

Below is a link to our YouTube video. Amazing Videographer Jasmine K Jones;  Lighting, production, and everything else lacking professionalism by Mark ;-)


ICE BREAKER                                      

My passion is Liberty.

 I’ve been referred to as being political and enjoying politics… quite the contrary; I dislike politics, and the underhanded back room deals involved. However I Love my Country and to fight for my freedom, I will not be afraid to enter the political arena. Individual freedom fighters are what started the American Revolution and for us to become the greatest Country in the world. I however suggest that will not be the case in our grandchildren’s future. We’ve become a lazy society wanting government to make the decisions for us, and to give us what is necessary to survive…  We tout we have a free country; however please take a moment and think of what we have that is free; or that isn’t regulated, taxed, or limited by government permission …  Now through homeland security we have no freedom with our phones, internet, or even written mail. We can be tracked at any given moment by GPS. Any where we go we are being photographed if not by red light cameras by satellites…  The only thing I can think of that is not controlled or otherwise watched is our thoughts…  And sadly in my opinion that is where the government has overstepped its boundaries the most. We have government controlled schools; that indoctrinate our children to teach them that all of this is OK, and it’s for our own safety. I went to government schools and it wasn’t until several years later that I could see the propaganda that I was taught wasn’t always true. The Civil War wasn’t a struggle over slavery; it was a struggle for the individual state rights and a limited federal government. To say the Civil War was over slavery; would be like saying the Revolutionary War was over Tea.

 I live by the Golden Rule; I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I don’t want others to tell me how to live, pray, eat, drink, or pursue happiness. Therefore justly I will allow them the same freedoms. I don’t drink alcohol, or do drugs, or even smoke cigarettes. Likewise, I don’t feel it’s my place to tell you what you can do as long as it doesn’t adversely affect me. Hence this is where my definition of government is drawn in the sand. Government is here to protect us through the process laid out in our Constitution. I don’t want a government to protect me from myself, or protect me from making bad decisions, or protect me from cutting my finger, or eating the wrong food. I want a government that allows me the freedom to be me and to grow from those decisions just as a child grows. Growth doesn’t happen by not allowing, Growth happens by experiences both good and bad. I feel if we continue to mandate only good moral behavior we’ll soon see “1984” come to fruition. 

 Last summer I took the ride of my life after hearing my daughter planning a 10-day trip with her Mother. At first I didn’t know what to do; but I’ve been anxious to visit New Hampshire ever since I’ve heard of the Free State Project. It is basically trying to get 20,000 freedom-loving free-thinking individuals to commit to move to New Hampshire and show the rest of the Country what Live Free or Die means! While I was packing the Harley for the trip; my Buddy calls me up and reminds me that it’s Sturgis Week. The stars were in alignment, and I headed to New Hampshire via South Dakota…  Took the helmet off as soon as Missouri was in the mirror and let the freedom fill my soul… Those of you that ride know what I mean; those of you that don’t ride; please be aware of us that do. 

 Of course as a single full-time father, I realize minors need restrictions and if you live under my roof you’ll obey my rules kinda thing. But I’m not sure who let Big Brother be Mom & Dad. I love my daughters with all of my heart and that is why I do what I do politically; So that they may enjoy the illusion of freedom at least as much as I…

Mark Alan Jones

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