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There are two types of people: “Control freaks” (control, controlled), or “Freedom freaks” (no master, no slave). With more and more government structuring and control, it’s no wonder many of my peers have grown accustomed to “lets just give the government our money and let them take care of us” mentality.

No matter how many people think we should live in a government formed Utopia, it is Unconstitutional and it will be short-lived. Our Constitution was created to limit the size and scope of government. Our founding fathers’ form of government was an amazing experiment that actually worked for nearly a century, until it was incrementally taken away by special interest “control freaks.”

 If you want to create your Utopia; I suggest you move to a controlling State and either serve, or be served. Presently in Springfield, I am taxed when I make money and taxed when I spend money. I’m taxed when I buy property, taxed to keep my property, and need permission to use my property. I’m taxed to live, and my children are taxed when I die.

 Red light cameras, private property smoking bans, government drug testing, etc. are not the answer. I don’t drink, smoke, or use drugs, and I would never insist that everyone must live the way I have chosen. If Springfield continues the control path it’s on, I’m considering moving to New Hampshire the “live free or die” State — partly because that is a powerful message that our forefathers believed in.

Some would relish in my move because they are saddened to hear this theory of freedom spoken outside of their safe cage. Benjamin Franklin said “Those that are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”

I’m just a voice for freedom that fewer and fewer people are willing to work for, much less fight for. I campaign every few years to test the Liberty waters and see if there is a desire for freedom in Springfield. Every campaign I’m excited to find that there are thousands of freedom lovers, and also saddened at the growing number of slaves.

I was the apathetic complainer about politics because I was taught in Public (government) schools that we live in a two-party system (Masters / Slaves) depending on which Party is in control. I was also taught that the Civil War was fought over slavery. In my opinion, it was a fight for freedom; but instead of freeing the slaves, it enslaved everyone as the Federal Government exploded with power.

There is nothing that we own that is not controlled by the government (except our ideas). There is a Political Party that is consistent in its idea of freedom — the Libertarian Party. If you enjoy the theory of freedom, join us the first Saturday of every month 6pm at the Library Station (2535 N. Kansas Expwy). We are outnumbered by the “control freaks,” but we are tenacious “freedom freaks,” and I for one am willing to die for freedom.

When you step into the polling booth to vote for your representative, stop and think, Instead of voting for the person that is the most charismatic or belongs to the party you generally vote for, try voting for the person who will fight for your freedom to be wrong… Remember what Voltaire the philosopher said; “I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” 

Live Free or Die, 

Mark Jones

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